[PHOTOS] D-Lite D’scover Tour- Budokan Tokyo {D2} (130331)

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(More) ‘Incarnation’ related articles about Daesung

G-Dragon and Daesung talk about keeping promises

G-Dragon and Daesung talked about making and keeping promises on that latest episode of ‘Incarnation‘.

The two were guests on the show with Kim Kyung Ho and Kahi. During the interview, they talked about the reasons on why breaking up was difficult. Daesung brought up the topic of promises that weren’t kept, saying, “I usually can’t break up with a girl first. The times when I’m the most sorry are from the small things. Like when you watch a movie, say something related to the Tokyo Tower, she’d say things like, ‘Next year, I wish we could go to the Tokyo Tower’. And of course I’d say, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t keep those promises.” He added, “I make a lot of promises, like, ‘I’ll always be next to you, or ‘I’ll be your last man’.” Continue reading

‘Incarnation’ related articles about Daesung

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G-Dragon and Daesung show off their dating skills on ‘Incarnation’

Both G-Dragon and Daesung were guests on the March 26 episode of ‘Incarnation‘ and they acted out a skit to show how they would ask a girl out using actress Kim Hee Sun as the date.

Daesung was up next, and he said, “I’m going to go for a romance movie“. From the beginning, he made the entire situation comical by breathing hard, and Kim Hee Sun couldn’t help but laugh and say, “His breathing is really loud“. He explained, “This is part of my acting“. Continue reading

[PHOTOS] D-Lite D’scover Tour-Kobe {D2} (130324)

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1. Utautai no ballad
2. Ai
3. Hi no Ataru Sakamichi
4. Zenryoku Shounen
6. Yasashisa de afureru you ni
7. Aitakute Ima
8. Yume no Tsubomi
9. Try Smiling
10. Miraiyosozu Ⅱ / of “Dreams Come True”
11. Hoshininaretara / of “Mr.Children”
– I’m sorry
– Yuki no Hana (Snow Flower)
– Shinjiteru (Believe)
12. Konayuki / of “Remioromen”
13. Baby don’t cry
14. Joyful
15. Sobakasu / of “Judy and Mary”
16. Hello
– Daebakiya (Big Hit)
– Look At Me Gisoon
– Joyful
– Wings
– Sobakasu

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