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Big Bang’s D-Lite makes his long-awaited Japan’s solo debut with his cover album D’scover on the 27th February! To commemorate his solo debut, we’re starting this short term intensive series! Certainly we’ll talk about the album, and we’ll approach D-Lite’s personality with talk using keywords from lyrics.


Vol.1 Feel insecure and pressured for the first time doing solo! Advice from VI too.. 


-For solo debut album D’scover, you did songs cover for J-POP’s jewels. Certainly from male singer songs such as Saito Kazuki san’s “Utautai No Ballad (Singer’s Ballad)”, Sukima Switch’s “Zenryoku Shounen (Powerful Boy)”, then female singer song such as Ikimono Gakari’s “Joyful”, furthermore not only solo artist, bands also… this album contained various type of music recorded in it, so how you did the songs selection?


D-Lite: From about 100 songs, I actually tried to sing and finally chose the songs that I genuinely wanted to sing. At first, I listened to the original music and learn to know the image for each song, then I saw videos from the artists talking about the message and the mood for the songs. Then, I searched if there is other singer who also did the cover for the song and I also listened to the cover version… As long as time allows, I wanted to feel everything related to the song. If I think differently, and couldn’t fully understand the artist’s attitude and the music’s view, I think I can’t cover the song. After I felt that this person has their own colour, well then, how about my own colour? I’ve been thinking that. Since I have a great chance to cover the song, so, I have to put my own colour nicely. If not, I will feel sorry to all the listeners. To make up for that, I have been thinking a lot, and I have been listening to the songs for too many times. At this point if I listen more, it will be dangerous for me. (laugh) Even though I struggled to put out my own colour in it, I am happy since this album that I’m satisfied with is finished.


— Do you feel insecure and pressured for the first time doing solo?


D-Lite: Yes. Honestly, there were a lot at first. When I’m singing in Japanese, can I really convey the emotion perfectly? For me, it’s important to show the emotion through the song, while singing, I become aware of my Japanese pronunciation so it will sound natural and I also put my feeling it… I think a lot while doing the recording. Moreover, it was the same time during Big Bang’s World Tour, my head was filled with mixed-up with many languages,(laugh) It was really hard. But during recording, people around me said,“You did well” for many times, and it makes the anxiety that I felt a lot at first naturally disappeared.


-Is there any different during recording as Big Bang’s D-Lite and as solo D-Lite?


D-Lite: When with Big Bang, my voice is not from beginning to the end. For my part I just have to read the mood and hear previous member’s voice so that I can nicely continue the flow so far, such as my voice tone, and it’s important to concern about many things while recording. But for this album, the whole song is all about my story, so what I want to tell from the beginning to the end, I have to ask myself, and think of my own ideas and expressions, then take the responsibility and sing. That’s the most difference.


-For this album, seems like you stayed in Japan for longer period.


D-Lite: Actually, I secretly stayed in Japan for 3 months from July.


-Exactly at that time, VI san was in Japan for his solo activities.


D-Lite: Yes. Exactly when VI did his activity as entertainer in Japan, I was also here but at that time VI was really~~ busy. I lived in the room next to VI but he always went to Osaka and other places. In the end, we only met once or twice in 2 months. Sometimes we messaged and called each other to tell what we were doing but he didn’t really care about me… I was so lonely (laugh)


-From VI san and other members, did they give any opinion and advice regarding your solo debut?


D-Lite: It’s embarrassing so I didn’t say anything to them but from VI he said,“How about this song?” “I think this song is good.” “I think his song suits D-Lite san”, he suggested many Japanese songs that he knows to me.


-By the way, what’s the song recommended by VI san?


D-Lite: Ah~…. That’s…


By any chance, the songs have not been recorded?


D-Lite: Ah~ Yes.. (bitter smile). Oh right! Misia san’s “Aitakute Ima (I Miss You Now)” was the song originally had been decided and it’s also suggested by VI!


-So the song suggested by VI san is also recorded in this album. And in this album, is there any particular song that D-Lite san feel difficult after you actually sing it?


D-Lite: Well, all of it! (laugh). Among them, the song that VI suggested,“Aitakute Ima” and Hata Motohiro san’s “Ai” are a bit difficult for me. Especially for “Aitakute Ima”, the image is too big in myself and I have this feeling of cannot go closer to it. To be honest, I was scared to sing it before the recording. Then, I kept wondering why the song is really huge to me but the truth is because Misia san is really such a good singer! But then, that’s the thing I can say to all artists for each song. (bitter smile) Everyone is really good with their singing!


-Certainly. But for all the songs, because of D-Lite san has such a great singing ability then only you can sing it very well.


D-Lite: No, I still have long way to go… Honestly, that has become a pressure to me. Firstly, I think I can’t ruin the original song image, so I stopped listening to Misia san’s singing. While just listened to karaoke version, I built up the song image in me. As the results, I think I am able to express “Aitakute Ima” in my own way.


-And the other day, you had collaboration with Juju san for a TV show and both of you sing “Yasashisa De Afureru Youni (Overflowing With Happiness)”.


D-Lite: Yes. I was nervous at first, but Juju san is really nice and while looking at each other eyes, I could sing comfortably. I felt so happy. When the first time listened to it, I felt like the sense of seasons was mixed between the coldness of winter and the warmth of spring. I think the song is perfectly suits the season from now on. Juju san is really a good singer, and since she’s a female singer I have a problem with the song key, the verse part is easy but during chorus the song suddenly becomes high and it’s hard. (bitter smile). Plus, speaking of difficult part, for some lyrics like “Anata wo tsutsumu subete ga ( Everything that surround you )” and “Me ga samereba itsumo (When I open my eyes)”, there are many “tsu” in it, so I had troubled the most on pronunciation. But, the contents and the meaning of the lyrics are really nice. Especially this part “Kawaranai keshiki no naka ni ite, Taisetsu na mono ga mienaku natte shimau yo, Mainichi (I find myself in an unchangedscenery, And what’s important has become invisible, Every day)”, summarize about our life very well. Including me, we live in every day and might forget what’s important in life. Through this song, once again I had to face myself and reflect on my life.(laugh) Not only for this song, for all the songs I carefully read the lyrics and finding what’s the message behind the song, if I did not interpret the meaning on my own, I can’t sing it, so I really took a lot of time for each of the song. Although it’s not the original song by me, but since I’m singing it, so, it will be my story and it’s going to be my message, and I absolutely cannot sing without understanding the contents of the lyrics.


-We can see D-Lite’s san serious attitude towards music, and your honest personality. What’s your thought on the album title, D’scover that filled with songs from D-Lite songs?


D-Lite: It’s the combination from D-Lite’s “D” and the word “Discover”. I came up with the name by myself. Through this album, once again I can feel the wonderful of Japanese music and its difficulty; also I discovered many new things. Since this is my first solo album, it will have new charm from me, with various colors, and when I sing, the songs itself (the songs’ image) will change that much ….. I discovered many things myself.


-Through this album, it’s a good chance not only for Big Bang’s fans but also for people who love J-POP to know vocalist D-Lite.


D-Lite: For my singing, I think I still have long way to go but for my favorite songs, I had put my own color and it turned out like this… Do listen together the original color and my color, and then discover the difference. I’ll be most happy if you are enjoying the album. The similarity for all the songs is‘the warmth’. As if you are in your mother’s womb, which has the warm and nostalgic feelings. .. That’s the part that I wanted to emphasize. I will be happy if the warmth, color, passion and the message that I felt while listening to the original song’s lyrics and the singing voice can reach all of you with this album. I’m still lack of ability and experience so I did some research and above all, I have tried to “sing seriously”. Actually, when you sing “seriously” without think of anything, that’s probably the best thing to do but, when preserving the ‘seriousness’,  while putting my thoughts and ideas nicely, and keep it when singing, that would be my ideal and also the most challenging task to do… But, if I “seriously” face the song, I believe it will naturally appear through my voice. By any chance, my long time fans might have imagined that I will somehow come out with this kind of album. But, for those who don’t really know me and think that my Big Bang image is too big, I guess they might be surprised. And I’m really nervous to know the reaction from the JPOP fans but anyway, I will be happy if all of you can feel my “serious singing” through this album.


Source:Oricon.Co.JP Via Daesung Baidu Bar



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