[INTERVIEW] Daesung for ‘Zipper’ Magazine



Welcome a good man~ (Number 136)

D-LITE the man in charge of bringing up the atmosphere in Bigbang and the man being loved everywhere he goes is finally going to debut with a solo! We will now take a peek at his challenge with J-pop cover songs!

From Bigbang

[Even if I have someone I like, I will not be able to confess my feelings]

ZIPPER: You have finally completed your solo album!
D-LITE: Thank you. During the production process, the other members were not with me, I was doing it alone, so I felt lonely. However, due to the help of our good staff, the work is done satisfactorily!!

ZIPPER: It’s a J-pop cover album, what are the rules you go by for selecting the songs?
D-LITE: At the start I listened to about 200 J-pop songs then selected those songs that made an impression in my heart. Thus, the songs in this album are like “KING OF J-POP” to me (laugh). Every song will make your heart warm, so I try to let my voice sing it out so the warmth will not disappear.

ZIPPER: Which is the song you felt most happy when singing?
D-LITE: It is “Joyful”. Even with Bigbang we did not sing songs like this before, so it feels very fresh. When singing this song I was brought back to my childhood times. I let go of myself and sang this song by enjoying it, so if this atmosphere is able to infect everyone I will be very happy.

ZIPPER: You also sang “Singer’s Ballad” which is the total opposite of “Joyful”.
D-LITE: When singing this song I felt at ease. Also, in k-pop, there are many songs that bluntly says “I love you”, but in this song, the main character is very shy, and he cannot say “I love you” no matter how. This is overlapping with my character, I relate to it very much.

ZIPPER: So are you the type who will not confess even though you like somebody?
D-LITE: I cannot confess~ (laugh). I am the type where all along it was always a one-sided relationship from me, until the girl has a boyfriend and then I will give up quietly (laugh).

ZIPPER: Wasted! (laugh). However, in this cover album, didn’t you sing female songs as well? Did you learn anything from the female’s perspective?
D-LITE: Ah, I found out the first time (laugh). Yes, if I understand the lyrics seriously, I might be able to confess! (laugh)

ZIPPER: Ahahah (laugh). I await your growth.
D-LITE: Yes, I will work hard (laugh)

ZIPPER: There are also two original songs in this album.
D-LITE: Yes. I sang this song for a long time in Korea [Think he was referring to Baby Don’t Cry], so I felt happy when I was singing it. However, after the language changed, I think it will leave another impression to others. The truth is, even the staff said that using Japanese to sing it makes the song sounds different. I guess it is because I have sang it for very long, and if I use Japanese, my feelings are able to integrate into the song better, so it might be why there will be two different impressions. You must listen to the original song to compare both tracks.

ZIPPER: Thank you. Now, please tell us what is the criteria of a good man in your heart D-LITE!
D-LITE: I guess it should be a guy who allows people around him to relax. I don’t think it applies just to men, also to women.

ZIPPER: Then, what is the type of woman you like?
D-LITE: If there is a lady who is feminine and exudes warmth atmosphere just by her smile, I think I will fall in love with one sight with her (laugh). To be able to convey my feelings to that woman in future, I think I must listen to J-pop more seriously to learn more about the woman’s heart (laugh).

Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae@tumblr




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