[INTERVIEW] Daesung for Oricon’s ‘D-LITE Style’ Volume 2



【D-LITE】Style Vol.2 “So many scary things… I hate ghosts!”

–Last time we heard about your heavy and serious opinions on『D’ scover』, so can we ask you some light questions this time?

【D-LITE】  Of course. I’m D-LITE(light) (Laughs)

— Hahaha. I like that joke (Laughs).
From your song 「Love」’s lyrics, it says . Do you believe in things that you can’t actually see, like ghosts or other supernatural things?

【D-LITE】  Yes, I do. Ghosts ……They’re so scary ……(Laughs).

— BIGBANG went to many different hotels around the world from their tour…have you guys ever felt fear from ghosts to the point you couldn’t sleep?

【D-LITE】  That never happened. I’ve never seen a ghost before…… Because of that, I imagine the scariest images in my head, making myself scared for no reason (laughs). I don’t anymore but when I was little, I couldn’t sleep because I was too scared.

— So you sleep better nowadays?

【D-LITE】  Yes. When I sleep, I don’t listen to music, I make my room dark, and I sleep without thinking about anything and it became easier to wake up. I automatically wake up after sleeping for 6 hours. But whenever I think it’s okay to sleep more, I fall back asleep (Laughs)

— Do you hate haunted houses?

【D-LITE】A lot (Laughs). One time, I went to a haunted house in HujiQ Highland with BIGBANG members for a show, and if it wasn’t for work, I would’ve never walked in there! Just thinking about it now, Sigh~ It was painful. (Bitterly smiles) I think I tried really hard. It was a good experience!

— Also from your lyrics, , if you could use any magical power, what would you want to use?

【D-LITE】  I want to be able to teleport.

— Maybe it’s because you are always traveling around the world. Then, if you could teleport to somewhere right now, where do you want to go?

【D-LITE】  Right now? Hmmm~ (Thinking) …… I want to go to a ski resort. I haven’t went snowboarding in 3 years, so I just want to go there and snowboard even for a short while to refresh myself.

— From「A singer’s ballad」lyrics, Is there something that you do unconsciously or habitually?

【D-LITE】  Singing(Letting the throat ring). And out of nowhere, I yell 「He-y, He-y」and make loud sounds to prepare my throat for singing.

— Is that something you do before live shows?

【D-LITE】  Not just for live shows, I just do it anywhere …… I would sometimes be doing that while sleeping(Laughs) Honestly, it’s not proven that it’s good for your throat, but doing that makes me feel comfortable and I can let all my stress out.

— Then when you make more sounds from your throat or yell more, that means you’re stressed out even more?

【D-LITE】  「Hmm..Hmm!」 (Starts singing from throat).

— Are you stressed out right now ??

【D-LITE】  「Hmm..Hmm!」 「Cough Cough」.

(Dae is joking now)

— D-LITE san might look bright and carefree, but you also have the delicate consideration for others around you. Since many are watching you, do you get more stress?

【D-LITE】  The Old me used to think too much and that became a negative stress that pressured me. But now, after learning from V.I’s positive and happy thinking, I started to change all the pressure and negative things into positive things that I can enjoy. Since others around me are unconscious, I don’t get stressed out from them at all. If I do get stressed out, it’s from me. I am very happy right now.♪ (Starts singing ‘Singer’s ballad’ loud out of nowhere)
— Perfect!

【D-LITE】  Are you really okay with these (jokes) ?

— Yes! Next time I want to talk about more important stuff with you! Thank you.

【D-LITE】  「Hmm.Hmm!」 「Cough Cough」…… I’m just kidding (Laughs). For a while from now on, I will be appearing serially so please look forward to it! And please show love to『D’ scover』


Translation: BIGBANGisVIP

Via BigBangUpdates



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