[INTERVIEW] Daesung with 25ans

dae_25ans dae_25ans_2

[Thinking and training is the same. No matter when is it I want to move forward]

Interview with D-LITE from Bigbang

A group not limited to Asia, they have extended their stage to North and South America and Europe and have shocked the world with their music, Bigbang. One of their members, D-LITE will be releasing his solo album in Japan.  He will be starting a new chapter in his life and he is now telling us how he feels.

D-LITE says, “World tour have ended successfully so I feel very relaxed now. This time it is about my solo album. I really can’t wait.” He was smiling and speaking fluent Japanese. As a member of Bigbang, they have toured in 12 countries in about a year and have ended their world tour not long ago. In February, he will be releasing his cover album of his favourite J-pop songs in “D’scover”. D-LITE san have a singing skill that gives an overwhelming presence, and it is an album that will touch listeners deeply with his natural voice. “For me, for both the melody or the lyrics, I love to be able to feel warmth, so I will focus on that areas and select songs. There are many songs that I want to sing, but I have to consider about my voice and whether it suits the song. Under the staff’s filter, the final end result is this album. Everybody have moments where they want to feel warmth right? I hope people who buys this album will be able to feel it.”

His favorite song “Singer’s Ballad” contains his passion for music. “Initially the song wasn’t in the list of recommendations, but it was a song that I found while surfing the net and I discovered Mr.Children san’s cover of it and I thought “Ah! I have to sing this song!”. After that I searched for the original song and I suggested to the boss which was added in quickly. However…, during the final concert in Korea, I let the members hear the song and all of them said “You have a sweet voice!” (laugh). I was very shy. In my heart I was just filled with confidence that “this is a good song” like this.”

When reminiscing his memories, he smiled shyly and started mumbling that “I want to see the members”. “During Bigbang, there is energy from everybody so I am really lonely during solo now (laugh). However, when producing my album in Japan, my Japanese was so-so but the staff tried hard to decipher what I said. So I told myself silently that I must be happy, whatever I do, I cannot do it alone. It is because of my staff that I can do a good piece of work, after this time I feel like this again.”

We can see his character based on the girls he is searching for. “It is important to be feminine, and when she smiles she must bring warmth. I like girls like these.” Lastly, he told us his motto. “I keep telling myself I have to be strict to myself. It can be thinking deeply to a matter or training my body, I hope to move forward constantly. Times like this will get accumulated, I think I will get to my dreams closer one step at a time.”

Source: Cheri-big (Tumblr)

Chinese trans: 栗子 (Smile Holic)

English trans: nakedae (Tumblr)


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