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An excellent piece of work
D-LITE debuts with his solo album!

Bigbang who just completed their first world tour ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 which visited 800,000 fans in Asia, North America and Europe 12 countries and 24 cities. Before the excitement disappears, the members have all begun their solo activities.

D-LITE will be releasing his solo album “D’scover” on the 27th of February.  He selected songs personally for his J-pop cover album and he was able to use Japanese language to explain his album details and show his passion for it.

CHOA: It is finally nearing to the date your solo album will be released. There is a rich variety of songs in it.
D-LITE: Amongst the 200 songs I’ve listened to, I selected songs based on how I felt the first time when I listened to it.

CHOA: You have selected 10 Japanese songs to record, was it tough selecting the songs?
D-LITE: I listened to all the 200 songs once and I selected songs that I feel good about in another list. Then I listened particularly to the content of the song lyrics and will then choose songs that suits my voice.

CHOA: Have you asked anybody’s opinions?
D-LITE: Of course. After having a list of songs, I will then discuss with everybody.

CHOA: Which is your favourite song in the album?
D-LITE: It is “Singer’s Ballad”. The first time I heard it was the cover by Mr.Children san. I really like the song’s warmth and melody. At that time I wasn’t clear about the lyrics but I felt that the lyrics had to be good, so I searched for the original song and once I heard Saito Kazuyoshi’s original version I thought that it was excellent so I suggested the song to the staff.

CHOA: Did you feel if the lyrics overlapped with any points of you?
D-LITE: Yes, definitely. The start of the lyrics, “singing is not something difficult” is a sentence I really like. I thought of being the main character of this song and sang it thinking this way, so I think that the content of the lyrics is really good.

CHOA: Then what is the toughest song to cover?
D-LITE: It should be “Love”. It is also a song that I love in the list of recommendations. The original singer, Hata Motohiro’s voice really suits this song, so I thought that I should sing like this. The context of the lyrics and the general atmosphere is really good, the first time I heard it, I immediately felt something and I thought that I must record this song into the album as well.

CHOA: However it is tough during the recording process right?
D-LITE: During recording, everybody said I really sang like Hata Motohiro san, it is both good and bad. If I sing and it really sounds like him too strongly, wouldn’t it become me imitating Hata Motohiro instead? So I wanted to leave just the good part and I thought that I will add my own color in to make the song even better. This is really difficult. Sigh.. (laugh)

CHOA: Do you still have many songs that you want to include in this album?
D-LITE: Many. I have many back-up songs as well. Although I don’t know if I will release a second album based on the response for this debut album, but I hope everybody will buy 5 albums . I was joking (laugh).

CHOA: You also recorded songs from female artists.
D-LITE: I have never cared about this point before. It’s just that I might feel a little perplexed when problems occur during recording sessions (laugh). Key is also one of the problems. As there will suddenly be a high range during the chorus, so there is a problem existing there. However, during the path of accepting various challenges, I have found the key and atmosphere that belongs to me.

CHOA: Why did you make a J-pop cover album?
D-LITE: Intially Bigbang had a song “Haru Haru”and that was a song we collaborated with Daishi Dance san. At that time, it was the first time I heard Daishi Dance san’s music, and I thought that J-Pop has many good songs. I got interested in it and I started learning and listen to it at the same time. This time, it was YG sajangnim who suggested me to do a cover album and I think it is a good opportunity.

CHOA: To understand the context of the lyrics, it must be really tough noticing your pronunciation right?
D-LITE: Definitely, but to express emotions using Japanese is really complicated. When Japanese listen to my music, I kept thinking they would be able to listen and understand the feelings I am trying to express. Also, I have listened to the original song so many times I feel like I could feel the original singer’s emotion in it. However, to prevent myself from listening too many times and imitating the original style instead, I will listen to purely the melody and try to create and arrange my style as well. Then I will compare it with the original song again to see which parts I need to amend.

CHOA: The title of the album “D’scover” is combined with both D-LITE’s “D” and “Discover” itself. What have you discovered via this album?
D-LITE: My biggest discovery is the charm of J-pop. To me, this is a very important discovery. For this album, I have listened to many different J-pop songs and I like J-pop even more now. Although I covered 10 songs, I think there are songs that even the Japanese don’t know themselves, so I hope to let them know that there are such existing good Japanese songs and also to tell Koreans the message that J-pop also has many good music.

CHOA: Your recording period was during the world tour, you must be tired.
D-LITE: This is the toughest for my body. I have jetlag and also the condition of my throat is just normal (laugh). However, as I am professional, I have overcome everything with hard work!

CHOA: You have a solo tour in March as well. How did you feel when you heard that you could have a SOLO LIVE?
D-LITE: I was really excited and anticipating it. I will be performing solo at both the World Hall and Nippon Budokan, both which are two good venues so I was really happy to know I could have my live performances there. Of course I do feel uneasy but I understand that everybody is anticipating the live so I hope to satisfy my fans by making all sorts of preparation.

CHOA: You have an idea already?
D-LITE: The general idea has been completed. I am still discussing some minor details. I have also prepared a surprise although it is still a secret. If you guys could come and see I would really be happy. No matter how many times it is, I would like to do different challenges to create a beautiful stage with my fans.

CHOA: How about Bigbang’s activities?
D-LITE: Right now, TOP is busy with his movie, GD san has a solo album coming up, V.I is doing his promotions in Japan while SOL goon is also producing his solo album. Everybody is focusing on their solo activities now so I believe after gaining experience, the five of us will be able to produce better music with bigger power when we are back together again.


Source: Cheri-big (Tumblr)

Chinese Trans: 栗子 (Smile Holic)

English Trans: nakedae (Tumblr)

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