[INTERVIEW] Daesung with Female Magazine


Congratulations on your Japanese debut
D’scover, a J-Pop cover album like gem will be released for sale
First ONE MAN LIVE has also been decided!
[I am also super energetic (CGK) today!]

Bigbang who toured around the world making 800,000 fans go wild just ended their WORLD TOUR. Wild fans whose number can’t stop increasing for Monster group Bigbang, one of their vocal, D-LITE, will be debuting in Japan with his solo cover album on the 27th February with his explosive and soul voice.

Interviewer (I): What is the reason behind having a J-Pop cover as your debut solo album in Japan?
D-LITE: After working with Daishi Dance for Bigbang’s “Haru Haru” and “My Heaven”, I was interested in J-pop. I listened to about a 100 songs for this album and I selected songs that I purely wanted to sing or songs with feel. Needless to say for Japanese, but I hope that Koreans are also able to realize that J-Pop has charm thus I selected songs of rich variety.

I: Which is the toughest song to record?
D-LITE: MISIA’s “Missing You Now’’, I was fretting over how to add my own colors in. I did participate in the re-arrangement of the song oh. Also, regardless of which song it is, I think that it is necessary to become the lead of the song. I think that singers and actors are the same, even if it could be situations that I have never experienced, I have to think what I would do if I was in that situation. I will imagine this and search for the answer at the same time while singing.

I: So, for happy love songs, do you sing it while thinking of your past love experience as well?
D-LITEFor happy love experiences, I do not have any up till now. Hahahahaha. So, I specialize in singing ballad songs! Do I want to experience more love? Occasionally, I do feel lonely oh. However, if I date, I will only be thinking about my girlfriend, I think I will not be able to continue working, so it is better to keep things the way it is now. If I fall in love and it can heal me, I think very feminine females are not bad. Also, I hope I can meet females who will encourage other people.

I: Fans have been cured by D-LITE’s voice.
D-LITE: I was also cured by singing itself. For this album, I spent 5 months recording in Japan. As it was the period for the world tour, it was tough having to adjust my body and throat. One of the biggest stress was singing itself, and something that cures the stress is also singing. After debuting in Korea not long ago, I had a bad throat which resulted in my fear for stage. At that time, I did a musical, “Cats” and the stage let me regained my self-confidence. As it is a stage that I still cannot forget, so I slowly became a person who can be cured by music.

I: You are already shining today, but you shine brighter on stage with your bright smile. After your solo debut, your ONE MAN LIVE follows closely behind.
D-LITE: It was like this during the album production process as well. It is not five person but one person so it was really tough. Of course, I felt uneasy standing on stage alone, but I hope to enjoy the pressure and continue making preparations under it. It is both warm and passionate, I hope to create a stage that allows everybody to feel the same way. Today as well, it’s super energetic (CGK)! It is a word I just created, it means “super energetic”. Will it get popular?

The above interview is completed in purely Japanese. When asked about his bright smile, he said, “Because I am very happy, so I smile like this naturally”. He finished an album that is worth listening to which conveys his warmth character

Things that I am addicted to recently

  1. Mackerel fish, I used to dislike the smell but the smell did not bother me for the past month or so, I still think it became nicer! I went to eat sashimi yesterday ♥
  2. Sports, I have been doing sports all along. Gym or swimming. “You don’t know how to swim right?” (Interviewer asked suddenly). How do you know?! Initially I cannot even swim for a metre, but now I can swim up to ten metres! The member who’s the best in swimming is T.O.P san.I only saw him swim once, but it was a really beautiful line and he swam so fast! Then he disappeared in the swimming pool (laugh). I only saw T.O.P san’s swim suit once, during that one time I saw he swim.

Source: Cheri-big (Tumblr)

Chinese trans: 栗子 (Smile Holic)

English trans: nakedae (Tumblr)


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