[INTERVIEW] Oricon’s D-Lite Style Vol. 3


Q1. In the lyrics of [陽のあたる坂道/Do As Infinity], there’s “the thing I can call, treasure”. What is your precious thing, treasure?


A.【D-LITE】: Of course, its my Fans. I’ve had lots of hard things that I should overcome, up to now, and fans are supporting me. They expected my new album to be released. I tried to do my best to live up to them. Without the cheers, I couldn’t complete the album. and I might not exist as D-LITE in BIGBANG.  I’m really thankful to you guys. Thanks. And, my family is also the treasure. I thank them heartily but I can’t say this seeing them face to face since I’m too shy haha. But our family has a good relationship !


Q2. Speaking of it, you seem to have a sister(noona), have you ever fought with her?


A.【D-LITE】: Yes like everyday when I was an elementary student. For example, I said  ”Noona ! what do u wanna eat?” she replied “yes” and “noona ! what do u wanna do?” “yes”. She just said “Yes” like 2~30 times. She might reply only “yes”. whenever I asked something. so, I told her “noona, Do not say YES” in anger but she said “yes”.  She didn’t care much although I wanted her to be concerned about me.


Q3. So you got upset yourself


A.【D-LITE】: Yes. She didn’t show any reaction no matter how hard I tried to have arguments with her. the situation made me mad. but I eventually gave up, thinking ‘ok, it’s done !’ (laugh)


Q4. she’s an adult.


A.【D-LITE】: I wanted to fight with her at that time, but now, as think of it, she was somewhat cool and mature. she was great. I thought “she’s not good” when she ate hams and sausages that I wanted to eat.  I took etiquette lessons from my parents rigorously. we couldn’t eat ham and sausages well but just beans, and vegetables, I was happy as I find some hams on the table… the noona ate such hams while I was eating something else. I yelled “that’s mine!” and she said “uh what? what are you talking about?” like there’s nothing serious.


Q5. that’s the crime she did for sure (haha)


A.【D-LITE】: since we couldn’t eat (ham and sausages) often, I saved them to eat later, slowly. but noona said “because you didn’t eat!” like she ate them since I didn’t on purpose (laugh)


Q6. eventually, she won


A.【D-LITE】: yes, I’ve never beaten her. so stopped arguing. ah and I have the biggest reason that I don’t fight with her… when I had a homework about knitting, I tried to do well but couldn’t. so, just went to sleep after fuming over my noona with throwing the knitting. next morning, I woke up and found the completed knitting homework with a memo “bring this” written by noona on desk. I was touched, felt sorry to her. tears kept falling down. I’ve got to respect her since then.


Q7. noona cares about her younger brother, and he cares about his noona… that’s the good love.


A.【D-LITE】: we are living far away from each other now, but I think our relationship has not changed, rather getting stronger.


Q8. <changing and not changing things> is in the lyrics too. which thing is not changed to you? aside from the relationship?


A.【D-LITE】: I can’t get myself when I’m not punctual. If I’m late for an appointment, even a bit, I don’t feel good for a whole day. As I’m working, resting, doing something alone, showering for a few minutes… and preparing and eating…. like this, I calculate and plan for the day. I should behave to the list.


Q9. is it because of hard schedules in BB? or just your habit made when you were young?


A.【D-LITE】: my father has taught me since I was young. so I get used to it.


Q10. If, you meet up someone, but the one is being late. then you…?


A.【D-LITE】: I don’t mind to wait for others but I care about being late myself. it is the most important “till what time can I go there”


Q11. that means you can wait for minutes and hours?


A.【D-LITE】: ah, but I go back after waiting for 10 minutes. haha


Q12. kinda strict.


A.【D-LITE】: ahaha. time takes money after the 10 minutes……. just kidding (laugh) I don’t get upset because people have their reasons but wanna avoid tangled schedules. I have an illness about it (laugh)



oricon_dlite_7Source: oricon.co.jp

Trans: @ShrimpLJY




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