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[For you and for me]

Bigbang’s vocal D-LITE san will be releasing his solo debut cover album “D’scover” on the 27th of February. It includes J-pop songs personally selected by him. With his album, D-LITE will be crossing 2 cities and holding 4 live concerts and the live tour has already received 44,000 ticket applications. All tickets for his concert have actually been sold out prior to this interview. Not losing out to the stress and anticipation brought by the surroundings, his face that has a smile that never fades with a motto of “being strict to yourself”, what is his strongest secret?

D-LITE san uses his strong yet warm voice and gentle smile to envelope our hearts. For his first solo album, he has collected songs that represent his character.

ANAN: This is an album that lets people feel warm-hearted.
D-LITE: Thank you. I sang imagining about the warmth in a mother’s belly. One of the songs I like very much is “Sunny Hill. To overcome the huge obstacle in front so my energy will be unleashed, I will listen to the song every morning. The lyric “The pain now will one day become important memories” has a common point with “Wings” lyrics which was composed by G-dragon. When Bigbang was in difficult times, we hoped to share the same heart with our fans and sing “The day where we laugh again will be back one day, no problem”.

ANAN: The recording was done during the World Tour period right.
D-LITE: To be honest, it was so tough I once thought of giving up and there was also stress. However solo is different from Bigbang. In that song it is my entire story. I faced it seriously and completed a piece of work that I am satisfied with. The energy spent on work is really big.

ANAN: You’re no doubt a Korean Guy! Is it especially so for singers that tough energy is necessary?
D-LITE: Yes. I personally think that a singer is like an elevator that always runs up and down every day. No matter how much I run I might only be closer to the destination by a little. Even if the final destination is right in front of me, if I relax a little it will drop again. That is most dangerous. So I cannot help it but to run with all my might every second. At least I am always retaining this frame of mind.

ANAN: When did that tough energy start from?
D-LITE: Work is where everybody cooperates right. If I fall, my staff and all members hard work will fade to nothing, in the end it will only disappoint our fans. So, I underwent much training to train a body that has never-ending energy. Even if my condition is bad, I have to think “I will complete this work before falling” and continue on. I think in this way you will become stronger naturally.

ANAN: Everything is all for others.
D-LITE: From young, my parents taught me “If you live for others, others will also live for you”. Maybe I used this idea as a base. Instead of focusing on the benefits in front of me, I want to protect important people around me even more and having a smile on my face every time, both are because of the same reason.

ANAN: Being able to perform in front of the audience is also a strong proof.
D-LITE: Actually I am the type who gets nervous easily. Even if I did not show it out, even now, before recording a show or going on stage, my heart will keep on pounding frantically. So I came up with a plan for it. For example, starting from now there is a 20 minutes recording, I will think of my laughing self after 30 minutes. Wouldn’t the heart be relaxed like this? For live I will borrow my members energy. Before starting, all of us will hold each other hands and shout “FIGHT” and this will dispel all my negative nervousness and I will think “we are going up now!” The members energy is a form of power I cannot disregard.

ANAN: When you are upset or frustrated do you use the members energy as support as well?
D-LITE: Basically if I have problems I will solve it by myself, but about 2 years ago, I started telling my members about problems. In the past I will think that telling others my problems will increase the amount of troubles the other party has, so I won’t tell it to anybody. But humans are gentler than I thought; they will include other people’s existence in their life. After trying to talk, the burdens in my heart have also reduced to half.

ANAN: So, what is the sentence that is going on in your heart all the time?
D-LITE: When I was thinking hard if I should become a singer, one of my cousins encouraged me by saying “without 1% of dream, there will not be 100% of hard work”. That sentence pushed me to work.

[To protect the important people, I will use all my experience]

ANAN: On the contrary, how will D-LITE san comfort people with their troubles?
D-LITE: I will tell them my own experience. I think I have slightly more different experiences compared to people with my own age. I will feel differently. There is both good and bad to it. There are situations where I was forced to a dead end and I have also considered seriously. However, after telling the other person my experiences and it can help direct them to the right path, to protect them from entering the bad route, I will give my everything.

ANAN: Please give some advice to readers of ANAN who experience lots of troubles with work and love.
D-LITE: There are readers who are older than me, wouldn’t it be egoistic of me to give advice? (laugh) If there are troubles with work, before fretting, I will think if this is important to me 10 or 20 years later. If it is not, I will stop fretting. However, if it affects the future, I will face it properly. About love, I have very little experience, so I can only say “Please work hard”…. Please listen to “Love” that is recorded in the album. It will encourage people to love oh.

Photo/Mag Source: Cheri_Big
Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae@tumblr

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