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Different from Bigbang, D-LITE’s official start for his Japan solo

Bigbang’s member, D-LITE (23) attended the ZePP Nagoya “ViVi” event with other popular models on the 22nd of February. He captured the 1100 audience who were present with his overwhelming voice. He released his solo album “D’scover” on the 27th of the same month and it debuted on 2nd position on Oricon Weekly Chart (released on 4th of March). He has a very good start for his first solo activities in Japan.

The voice that resounds in our heart 

Warm yet husky voice, moving the audience heart. At 8.20pm, D-LITE enters the stage as the finale act. He held his microphone up while looking at all the crown light sticks that filled up the area. “Hello, I am D-LITE. Everybody, are you guys enjoying now?” Then he started singing his first song while the audience listened quietly. Solo album “D’scover” main title track “Singer’s Ballad”. Looking in to the high skies, occasionally resounding with his energetic treble.

Competing with 12 popular models for “ViVi Night”, D-LITE san wore a black outfit and appeared as the main lead. After singing, “to be singing like this in Japan is really the first time, so I sang the wrong lyrics”, speaking innocently with a child-like charm made the fans burst into laughter. “Now, the company’s boss is also here. I feel very worried”. After saying this, he proceeded on to singing his second song, “Sunny Hill”.

People who never listens to K-pop will also know of this famous song by Do As Infinity. The audience waved their hands in sync and sang the lyrics out together. After the atmosphere in the venue has warmed up, D-LITE said “It is already the last song, everybody, let us do it together”. For the third song, he prepared “Joyful”. The lively melody made everybody shout excitedly “TAI! TAI! TAI!”.

Additional stages confirmed in the nation

Compared to a stage where Bigbang can run around freely, D-LITE performed a world that is slightly different. For the solo activities in Japan, the main purpose is to attract fans with J-pop. When leaving, D-LITE left a sentence “Everybody, I hope you guys can buy 5 albums. If it is a little hard, it is ok not to buy it too”, but album “D’scover” debuted 2nd position on Oricon’s Weekly Chart and it is the highest record set by a solo artist that came from a group.

After May, it was also decided that there will be an additional 17 venues for his concert. The talented singer born in Korea, is known as the “singing evangelist” in Japan.

[Before the event, D-LITE with Maggie, Reina Triendl and Mayuko Kawakita etc answered the interviews from reporters. Below are D-LITE’s replies]

Q: What is your impression of Nagoya?
D-LITE: I always had a good impression of this city. I would like to move to Nagoya to stay too. Right now I am doing some research (before this the MC was talking about moving to Nagoya). For food, my favourite is chicken wing. I just ate one just now. It’s so nice it touched me.

Q: What do you plan to do now?
D-LITE: Today is ViVi’s 30th anniversary event, so I would like to enjoy and sing at the same time.

Q: How did you feel for your first solo debut in Japan?
D-LITE: While doing the album, I discovered J-pop’s charm. I hope I can use my voice to heal everybody in Japan.

Photo/Mag Source: Cheri_big

Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC

English trans: nakedae@tumblr

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