[INTERVIEW] Daesung’s Discoveries for Josei Jishin Magazine – G-Dragon

For the last two issues, I talked about my discoveries of other members and this time, the last, is G-Dragon.
Since his debut until now, he led us with his strong leadership. As our member’s producer, he always aims for higher goals and works hard. What’s amazing about him is that even in that he takes the lead and sets an example. For example, when we’re done with our schedule, we want to rest, even if it’s for a short amount of time. When all members say “Let’s rest for like 10 minutes first and practice” he will say “If you sleep now, you would get more sleepy and we’ll end up not practicing at all. So let’s not sleep now and do well.” Although he must be tired himself as well. But his ability to hide his mind is amazing and I think he is mentally strong.
And thanks to his strong and strict lead, Big Bang now exists. A tender part about him is, he used to cry often while watching dramas or movies (laughs) Such a romancist. Nowadays he won’t even have the time to watch though…
Our members all know what each others are doing and how busy they are. But as guys, we don’t really say “Cheer up!” and express it out. But we trust each other that we will do great facing any challenges so we can move forward as a group.

Photo/Magazine Source: @ayaka_0109_k
Translated by: @aru_GD (Japanese-Korean) & @BIGBANGGisVIP (Korean-English)


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