[PHOTO] Taeyang’s Instagram Update with Daesung [20130428]



“Guess Who?”


[INTERVIEW] ‘Tokyo Boy Cam’-Daesung for ViVi Magazine Japan


Life with music:
Popular group Big Bang that came from Korea, an active member D-LITE.
That rough yet energetic voice allows us to feel peaceful when he sings, and it deeply attracts people who listens to his songs. A him like that has released a solo album that was prepared with all his heart. Thus, Tokyo boy cam will now force his “own” charm…. Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] Daesung for ‘Blenda’ Magazine


A volume that continues to excite the hearts of young ladies! For this month, we are featuring Bigbang’s D-LITE san who is promoting his first solo album “D’scover”~!!! D-LITE san answered the questions sent by our readers ♥

[I like girls with a warm smile. I think a smile can tell me the person’s life.]

As a present to the person I like, I will sing “Love” for her to listen.

BH: “D’scover” as a J-Pop cover album has quite a huge variety because you recorded songs like “Sunny Hill”, “Powerful Boy”, “Joyful” and “Tonight Boogie Back”.
 From a list of 200 songs, I first selected songs that I purely wanted to sing. Then, I sang them once and chose 10 that felt right. To have an album that contains so much variety makes me satisfied. The common point for all the songs is “warmth”. It’s like being in a mother’s womb. I was trying to emphasize on that warmness. When listening to the original song lyrics and voice, if I am able to portray the warmth, color, passion and message that I feel from the song, I will be very happy.

BH: Are there any songs that you feel the most for?
 Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad”. This is a song that I found by accident while searching online for more songs to listen to. After listening to it, I really liked it, so I suggested to sing the song. Continue reading