[INTERVIEW] Gummy Talks About Working with Daesung

Oricon: It seems like you (Gummy) also participated for the production of the fifth song “To Dear You ft. D-LITE (from Bigbang)”
GUMMY: I wanted to create a song that might be sad but when if we listen to the song with a cheerful mood, the song will become a song with energy so I spent 3 hours finishing it with Jeff. Also, I think that it is very important to put my feelings into the song and sing. Jeff is a passionate person, he produced this song for me based on this important point.
Oricon: Also, D-LITE participated in this song as well.
GUMMY: D-LITE is really a warm and beautiful person! He doesn’t hide himself. The way he speaks about his own feelings truthfully is really alike me….. I mean in the song (laugh)

Oricon: How was it recording with D-LITE?
GUMMY: He has a very serious case of worrying unnecessarily. During his solo concert as well, he was very stressful and under huge pressure, to the point that even I worried as well. When singing this song, he kept complaining “Because it is Gummy Noona’s song, I can’t do it!” But I will say “Just sing~”, only at that point of time did I become an elder sister (laugh)
Oricon: I can imagine the scenario of how you two spoke (laugh). D-LITE is a person who has a huge sense of responsibility towards singing, he doesn’t want to affect Gummy’s established songs.
GUMMY: Because before they (Bigbang) debuted, I gave advices to D-LITE about singing, so that may be why D-LITE treats me as an elder sister. But now, the hoobaes can all portray their feelings and heart very well now, so I am very relieved, but no matter what, I still admire him!
Oricon: Gummy also joined D-LITE for his solo concert, how does it feel to stand on the Japanese stage after so long?
GUMMY: I was a little too excited (laugh). During D-LITE’s solo concert, everybody gave me huge support so I was really happy, I also felt nervousness after a long while, I sang and looked into everybody’s eyes at the same time.
Oricon: The MC said D-LITE was very handsome oh.
GUMMY: I think it was recently ah~~ Don’t you think that his face has become very handsome?
Oricon: That is true.
GUMMY: Although this is a joke, but we can say he is Bigbang’s visual (laugh), he is really a handsome man. Before that he was only very caring…. Wait… I am sorry (laugh). The him right now is equipped with everything, he is really a charming person now!

Source:Oricon Music Web

Chinese translation: 婷婷@SMILE HOLIC
English translation: nakedae.tumblr.com
Via Big Bang Updates


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