[INTERVIEW] ‘D-Lite Style’ Volume 4


Vol.4 The day you met BIGBANG members for the first time?!

OS: In the lyrics of “Missing You Now”, the sentence “do you still remember the things that happened during the first time we met”, do you remember the things that happened on the day you met BIGBANG members the first time?
 Yes, definitely. During the first dancing lesson, I saw G-Dragon san and SOL san, but both of them were trainees for many years and they have already learned dancing before, so they danced really well. However, I have never learned dancing before, so there was about two hours or so where I was just standing at the back watching. At that time I already feel that their dancing is professional, after that I will work with these people already! With a sense of anticipation coming together, it made me worry that I, as a member of BIGBANG, will not be able to catch up with both of them, will I pull them down instead and I started to feel uneasy.

OS: What were both of them talking about at that time?
 Everybody was still a little awkward, so there was only “It’s the first time we meet, please look after me in future” like this, there was no other special conversations. Ah! Only V.I san is not awkward that’s it (laugh). However, even if we were not speaking, the very first impression of them was very good, I just felt that both of them were really good.

OS: What was your impression when meeting T.O.P san the first time?
 He was fatter last time than now (laugh), but at that time he already had a charming personality, I feel that he was very handsome. As he looks that way, so at the start, I was a little afraid of him, but even though he was older than me, T.O.P san told me not to bother about the age and that it is fine to talk to him without any formalities. Then I thought that he was really a gentle person and I got deeply touched. However, recently he has been coming closer to me randomly, “Piggyback me, piggyback me” and he kept pulling aegyo on me like a willful child, to be honest, it is a little disturbing (laugh).


OS: During live (= concerts), when looking at you guys like this, there will probably be very loud cheers and claps.
There is no live now so it feels good. That is because T.O.P san has a huge body so he is very heavy. When carrying him on the back, my muscles which doesn’t hurt normally will ache (laugh).

OS: Also, it has to be done after the 2 hours of live concert.
 However, T.O.P san’s request cannot be rejected (laugh). Our relationship is that good, I think we are a very bonded group.

OS: Were you guys so bonded from the start?
Yes. Instead, you can say that we can only become bonded. Of course we have arguments at the start, I had some parts where I don’t understand about V.I san’s very straightforward personality at any point of time. However, as we stay together and talking a lot, we became to understand each other, and we wouldn’t argue already. The truth is, there were supposed to be 6 BIGBANG members, Beast’s Hyunseung is one of them, he still has a good relationship with the other members and he also watched BIGBANG’s live in Korea. We also go out and eat together at times. We have built up a good relationship.


OS: It is really a good relationship. Now we will change the topic, does D-LITE san fall frequently in daily life like the lyric “losing balance and tripping over and being left there alone” in “Powerful Boy”?
 I rarely trip. However, if something like that were to happen, I will not lift my head up and will remain in that position for 10 minutes, just like Mr Bean who pretended to fall asleep (laugh).

OS: To maintain for 10 minutes require good acting skills too.
 I would not lift my head up even if I sense people walking around me. However, after 10 minutes, I believe the people who saw me trip over will not be around. It is already a competition about perseverance (laugh).

OS: Saying “Ah~ I fell”, and treating it as a joke, how would it be?
 Because I am very shy, although it is not unfeasible, I still can’t do it. Because after people see me trip I will go “Wah~ What should I do now~” and I will start panicking. But I think if V.I san trips over, he will treat it as a comedy (laugh).

OS: V.I san is really worthy to be called the funny captain of BIGBANG. What if you tripped over in front of V.I san?
 I think he will say “D-LITE fell~” and start clutching his stomach and burst into laughter (laugh). However, that is V.I san’s consideration for me. He knows that I will be shy because of the fall so he will adjust the atmosphere by making it funny.


OS: No matter when it is, you guys will have the same mind. Also, the lyric “muttering ‘no choice’ as if it is a magic word”, do you do or say something that is like your magic word before recording or before live concerts?
 Every time before and after BIGBANG’s live, everybody will pray together. “Hopefully we can complete an awesome stage today, please give us confidence”, then when we end we will say “Today’s stage can be completed smoothly in the end. Thank you”. We will pray like this in our hearts.

OS: In this sentence “who is the creator of the world”, if D-LITE was to build a kingdom, what kind of kingdom would you like to build?
 Firstly, the most important thing is “food, clothes and home”. To build a comfortable house, everybody eating delicious food, wearing pretty clothes then installing speakers on streets and broadcasting songs that the citizens selected to everybody in the kingdom. This will be a D-LITE broadcast kingdom.

OS: It is not just playing your own songs blindly.
 That’s right. However, while selecting songs, please include some snippets about this song at the same time. Anecdotes are very important (laugh).


OS: Then, what if the citizens request D-LITE to add stories about the songs?
 It is ok to broadcast it too, however in this type of situation, I will ask for heavier tax (laugh). If it is V.I, even if nobody selected songs, he will also keep on broadcasting his songs (laugh). For me, if nobody selects my song, I will feel lonely, it is fine to play it occasionally~, I secretly want people to select my songs too.

OS: However, if it is just broadcasting songs, their tax will increase oh.
Yes, so that D-LITE’s kingdom will be peaceful. I do it seriously (laugh).

OS: Self praise (laugh). Then, in the sentence of “There are many shiny items amongst broken pieces right?” There is a phrase “the most important thing”, does D-LITE san have something he views as very important?
 Up till now, all the information and scripts for the television programs, dramas, and musicals I appeared in are all kept in my house with precious care.

OS: Have you tried reading it once again?
I take it out occasionally. When reading the script, it will revive the memories of that time, then I will thank the me right now for improving compared to the me last time. I can also find my initial determination to be even more hardworking every time.

OS: You will feel like reading it. Does it mean, you did not keep it at a very hidden place but at a place where you can see it at a glance?
 Yes, it is kept at a corner of my bookshelf, where it is filled with all the scripts.

OS: This time you also attended many television programs, it seems like you will have more precious treasures. Then, in the lyrics of “Joyful”, “Do you want to take the risk”, “I really want to play”, if you have a vacation, where would you like to go and what would you like to do?
 I would like to go to Japan’s Inakaya to relax. I would like to eat delicious food and soak in hot spring at the same time. *Suddenly used his nasal voice to sing “far away~ far away~”

OS: (ignores) Then we will move on to the next one.
 That~ I was imitating Ken Hirai san…

OS: Sorry… I couldn’t detect it at all.
 Ah~ It really doesn’t sound like him (wry smile).

OS: Then, can you do it again? Then I will be able to listen to it well.
 “Far away~ Far away~ it’s ok to leave~”

OS: (staff members around D-LITE san maintained silence)
 Ok, it is enough. Please move on (laugh). Ah, can you recommend me some Japanese hot spring places?

OS: There are too many, it is hard to say which is better. And it also depends on where you want to visit.
 Ah, I hope fans will recommend me some hot spring places! If possible please include some anecdotes (laugh).

Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae.tumblr.com

Via Big Bang Updates.Com


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