[INTERVIEW] Daesung for ‘Blenda’ Magazine


A volume that continues to excite the hearts of young ladies! For this month, we are featuring Bigbang’s D-LITE san who is promoting his first solo album “D’scover”~!!! D-LITE san answered the questions sent by our readers ♥

[I like girls with a warm smile. I think a smile can tell me the person’s life.]

As a present to the person I like, I will sing “Love” for her to listen.

BH: “D’scover” as a J-Pop cover album has quite a huge variety because you recorded songs like “Sunny Hill”, “Powerful Boy”, “Joyful” and “Tonight Boogie Back”.
 From a list of 200 songs, I first selected songs that I purely wanted to sing. Then, I sang them once and chose 10 that felt right. To have an album that contains so much variety makes me satisfied. The common point for all the songs is “warmth”. It’s like being in a mother’s womb. I was trying to emphasize on that warmness. When listening to the original song lyrics and voice, if I am able to portray the warmth, color, passion and message that I feel from the song, I will be very happy.

BH: Are there any songs that you feel the most for?
 Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad”. This is a song that I found by accident while searching online for more songs to listen to. After listening to it, I really liked it, so I suggested to sing the song.

BH: Was it tough during the recording session?
 I really had to consider many aspects and I also discussed many times with the production team. I have also heard the songs too many times that it would be bad if I continued (laugh). During recording, the most important thing of all is to “sing sincerely” from the heart. When you guys listen to my songs and able to feel my sincere singing, I will be very happy.

BH: Did you let your members listen to the album?
 Yes, I watched “Singer’s Ballad” MV with them. It was the first time watching an MV with my own song together with them, so I was too shy and did not watch till the end (laugh).

BH: If you have a girl you like, what song will you sing for her?
It might be too sweet but I will sing Hata Motohiro’s “Love” (shy). When I understood the meaning of the lyrics, I felt like it matched my style when I am in love. I am also a person who beats around the bush when I want to speak about my own feelings. I will treat this song as a present for her.


Q&A session for D-LITE with questions from BLENDA readers!

These are questions that readers wanted to ask D-LITE! Sometimes he is shy, but he still answered the questions smiling at all times. D-LITE makes people feel warm and fuzzy♪

Q: What is your favourite song in “D’scover”?
 It is Saito Kazuyoshi’s “Singer’s Ballad”. I am a person who likes songs that are warm, and I still remember the warmth I felt from this song when I heard it the first time.

Q: What is the hardest song to sing in “D’scover”?
 MISIA san’s “Missing You Now”. The range of things you can imagine (while singing the song) was too wide. I spent a lot of time before an image was able to float in my mind.

Q: How do you feel doing your Japan activities alone? Please tell us your ambitions!
 I am very happy♪ Compared to being in Korea, I am more busy now. However, I am surrounded by excellent staff members and they buy me awesome breakfast every day. Today’s roast pork takeaway touched me! About ambitions, I have just started my activities, so compared to a big dream, I am now still working hard on doing my work. I hope to work hard and complete my album and live concerts in March smoothly.

Q: How did you learn Japanese?
 (via interviews) I am still learning now. If there’s a mistake, I will ask the other person to copy it for me. After that, I will ask him what I did wrong. Also via watching movies. Recently I watched “GANTZ”, “Space Brothers” and “Love Strikes”. “Love Strikes” was very touching!

Q: How do you spend your holiday?
 I stay at home or stay in hotels. If in the hotel, I go swimming or do some sports. Also, I frequently eat out in search for good food. Recently I am addicted to sushi. I like to eat mackerel♥

Q: Who do you click with the most amongst the members?
 D-LITE! I’m joking (laugh). It’s G-DRAGON. GD is really gentle and he will help me do anything and I also can show him aegyo.

Q: If you could become a member of Bigbang for a day, who would it be?
 T.O.P. Being able to do things that I want to do, it seems like there is no stress at all. It’s just like I will keep eating if I feel like eating, I really envy him on this point. He is a baby, T.O.P.

Q: Which Bigbang song is your favourite?
 “Monster”. Because when I sing this song, I change into a Monster!

Q: What type of clothes do you like girls to wear?
I like clothes that exude feminine charms, a gentle style. It’s just like being able to match with a dress with an attached hood.

Q: The type of girls you like?
Just like the type of songs I like, I like a warm smile, so I like girls with warm smiles. I think a smile can tell me the entire life of the person.

Q: The song you keep listening to?
Recently I have been listening to Miguel’s “Use Me” and Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla”.

Q: The source of sexiness?
 A pink lip I think? This is a natural color. Sometimes when attending programs with female guests, I will darken my lip intentionally (laugh).

Q: D-LITE san who has a very cute smile, what is the secret to maintaining this smile every day?
 When I smile, everybody can become even happier, so I want to smile.

Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae.tumblr.com
Photos from Cheri (as tagged)

Via BigBangUpdates



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