[INTERVIEW] Oricon’s ‘D-Lite Style’ Vol 5


Vol.5 Love topics that cannot be missed! What will you do during confession and date time…?!

OS: Today’s volume is nearing the end.
 It is going to finish already? It passes so quickly.

OS: Every time I am able to hear D-LITE san’s truthful and warm stories, as this is the final round, I hope to hear more of D-LITE’s real words.
 I will only speak the truth every time. No matter at any point of time I want to be an honest person. So, please ask me any questions! I will carry all my sincerity to answer questions that I can answer (laugh)

OS: Thank you very much! Then, when filming the MV for “Singer’s Ballad”, there is a sentence that says “With such beautiful words, it is a very short word, so please listen to it, ‘I Love You’”, what words will D-LITE san be happy to hear from the person you like?
 Um~…. (after thinking for a while) Compared to ‘I Love You’ I would be happier if the person says ‘I Trust You’.


OS: When D-LITE san wants to confess, what would you say to her?
 Ah~ It is my turn to say this time (shy laughter)

OS: Yes.
 I don’t trust you oh~ Ahaha… I’m lying (laugh). Ha~ What do I do~ (asking staff around him) any suggestions?

OS: It means, D-LITE san will convey your heart to the person that you place high importance with without any restraint.
Yes, just thinking about the person’s matters, I want to tell her everything with all my heart. So, it is a secret for now (laugh).

OS: (Male manager whispered something to D-LITE)
 Wow~!!! (Getting excited himself)


OS: What did he say to you?
 He said in the past he said “Can you let me like you at anytime?” to his ex-girlfriend. Thus, I will be the same as him (laugh).

OS: To take this as D-LITE san’s confession is really ok?
 Yes, no problem. Ah no… I have not tried confessing to anyone before. So, it is really still a secret. Because I have no confidence.

OS: No no, to have D-LITE confess to someone, I think the girl will agree immediately. Because I think D-LITE san will thoroughly understand how the girl is like before confessing and you’re confessing after considering the girl’s feelings.
 It is really like this (laugh). I don’t think I will confess before understanding the girl.


OS: Won’t you have love at first sight?
 (answers immediately) No. Although there is a possibility of finding a girl great and cute with one glance, but most importantly it is a matter of how honest the girl is, what I want to see is the girl’s inner personality.

OS: Because D-LITE yourself is an honest person. The girl will also want to be with a guy like D-LITE.
 When facing her, no matter when, I want to be with her in with my honest self. So when she faces me, I wish that she is also an upright person. Then, it will be much more relaxing being with the other party. Also, I wish to be able to give her inspiration, and hope to achieve inspiration from her.. This is an ideal relationship where we can help each other.

OS: Oh I see. What I just heard is all about the inner self, I clearly understand you do not bother about the appearance of the girls, but D-LITE san please tell us, what would you like your girlfriend to wear during a date?
 Rather than grand dressing, I much prefer clothes that exudes feminine charms, clothes with materials that are soft like cotton. For make-up I definitely prefer plain make up or no make-up! However, I think girls all object to having no make-up on, so I still can accept lip gloss (laugh).


OS: Then, if you two were to go on a date, where will you bring the other person to?
 I would like to take a stroll with only us. If it’s in Korea it will be Jeju Island or Namsan, if there is good weather or one free day, both of us will go hiking, we will look at the beautiful Korea scenery. I think sunset or the night scene is not bad either.

OS: It is really a warm and healthy date. Then, since there is a start to love, there will also be a day where the end will come…..
 (Affirms loudly) I don’t want (laugh).

OS: Just like what you said, but in the lyrics of Wings “Today why are we saying Goodbye on the streets? The voice of her saying sorry has blocked my ears Today we are actually saying farewell on our anniversary I can’t say anything”
 Ah~ This kind of situation is really painful (wry smile).

OS: What will D-LITE san do if you are in this type of situation?
 I don’t want to say goodbye (pretends to cry) If I am in that situation, I will break down (laugh). I will definitely stay at the same spot for 2 to 3 hours.

OS: To meet such a D-LITE on the street, I bet no one can go up and talk to you.
 I think everybody will just walk past me. However I think only V.I san is the only one who will speak to me loudly “D-LITE san how are you? Are you ok?” then he will say “Take it as a good trip and go and play” and bring me away from that area at the same time.

OS: He’s really a savior! Then, in the lyrics of “Hello”, “The scent that I missed has brought back my memories”, does D-LITE san have a smell that he will start reminiscing, or scents that you like?
 I like the smell of winter. To be exact, it is the coldness and crispness in the air… Ah~ Where does it come from? (laugh)


OS: Where do you think it comes from?
 (answers immediately) I don’t know (laugh). However, I do sometimes feel “Ah, winter is here!” And I secrete a lot of endorphins when I am cold.

OS: What if you hold your live during summer?
 I will perspire a lot and it is very frustrating (laugh).

OS: This time, D-LITE san’s solo is held during spring.
 And there are also many slow ballad songs, unlike Bigbang when there are many exciting dance songs, so the live during spring will be very comfortable, I don’t think I will sweat a lot!

OS: Now, we finally reached the end.
 I don’t want to say goodbye (pretends to cry)

OS: Damn it, I don’t want to say goodbye too. However your scale for the tour has expanded, now you can let the whole nation hear you singing live! D-LITE san will shine brighter when he is on stage, so I look forward to seeing D-LITE san during the tour!
 Thank you very much for being able to be in this volume till the very end! We practically conversed in Japanese the whole time, so I feel frustrated at times when I do not understand some words, however, this has become a good opportunity for me to learn! Did everybody enjoy as well? Me, I don’t have any problems right? (laugh) Finally, please look forward to my solo live! Everybody, please sweat and secrete endorphins with me together!!

Source: Oricon Style
Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae@tumblr

Via BigBangUpdates



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