[INTERVIEW] ‘Tokyo Boy Cam’-Daesung for ViVi Magazine Japan


Life with music:
Popular group Big Bang that came from Korea, an active member D-LITE.
That rough yet energetic voice allows us to feel peaceful when he sings, and it deeply attracts people who listens to his songs. A him like that has released a solo album that was prepared with all his heart. Thus, Tokyo boy cam will now force his “own” charm….
A MUSCLE- Muscular body
I have a body that is easily trained into muscles. In one week, I will train in YG GYM 2 to 3 times, but I really don’t like a body that is filled with too much muscles. So if a part of my body becomes very muscular, I will stop training that part and start training another part. This is how I am able to maintain my current body status. Especially the biceps, it is really easy to train it. Even the trainers told me that I do not need to train anymore. But when I start training my chest muscles, my arms will also become bigger. It is really hard to control. Because I will get fat easily, so I am also very careful about what I eat. Especially bread, noodles and burgers etc are food I will try not to eat. Although I really like to eat it… So I give myself once every month to eat these food, it is for me to reduce stress. However basically I still like to eat meat and vegetables, so it is no problem for me to eat these on a normal basis. Also, I really like to eat konjac jelly and tofu! These are food that I can eat as much as I want without fear of getting fat, sometimes I will thank sincerely (because my body likes to eat konjac jelly and tofu, it’s too good!!)
MORNING TIME- A morning spent with music
I am very energetic in the morning. I can wake up very well-behaved (laugh). Once the sky is bright, I will wake up on my own naturally, so the first thing I do is to check the time. Then I will calculate how much more time I have before leaving the house then I will also plan what I can do within that period of time. I will probably do jogging or muscle training for an hour, then I will surf the net. During this period of time I will keep listening to music. It means, I cannot have no music even when I am sleeping. Recently I listen to Rihanna’s and Justin Timberlake’s new song very frequently. After doing all these activities, there will be about 30 minutes before I leave the house so I will prepare to shower. I will shower about 25 minutes, for the remaining 5 minutes, I will apply lotion on my face and change into my clothes. I choose clothes with a very fast speed oh. That is because I always wear the same set of clothes (laugh). Especially the pants, I will only wear one pair, even fans have told me before that they want to throw my pants away for me. However I like it very much, no matter what others say, I will not mind at all. What do I wear when I sleep? The official answer is wearing pajamas, but the unofficial answer is only wearing my undergarment!
SOLO- Feelings that is composed by humans
I released my first solo album in February. The title is “D’scover”. I recorded “Singer’s Ballad” by Saito Kazuyoshi and Ikimono-gakari “Joyful” etc, making J-Pop cover songs the main attraction. I always loved J-Pop and am constantly learning more about it, so I was really happy when I received the suggestion to make a J-Pop cover album! It is my first time having solo activities in Japan, thus I am anticipating it. If it is only me I cannot be very reckless thus I feel a little uneasy. Loneliness? I don’t really feel lonely. Every day is a busy day for me, and there is also a chat room for us Big Bang members, and they will constantly tell me motivational or supportive messages. To be honest, there is a little relaxed side as a solo artist, that is because when five of us sings, it is five of us having to make an impact with the song. We have to receive the feelings the previous person brought over in the song and express it the same way and then passing it on smoothly to the next person, this is a very important point. However when it is me alone, I can sing my feelings out freely. After this there will also be a live, I hope to allow everybody to see more of D-LITE as a person. There is singing, dancing and variety together (laugh).
AS A SINGER- Songs are everything
My encounter with songs, if I think back it would be when I was 2 years old. Both my parents love music and they will listen to trot every morning, so I will always listen. The moment where I seriously want to be a singer was during middle school times. I won a singing competition after my teacher’s persuasion to join it! From that moment onwards I started learning singing, and I passed the audition for the present company I am in now. Although these are singer’s activities that I have been dreaming about, the first three years after debut was really tough. The media keep writing Big Bang as a group with skills, but I always got very nervous and thus kept singing off key. So I will start thinking if I was the one who made everyone think of Big Bang in a negative light, at that time I really didn’t want to see anybody…. It was actually a musical that made me escape how I feel. For musicals, there are live performances every day, so it dispelled my nervousness. I was really relieved that time. …Although many things happened, but right now I still feel like I am in a happy dream. Songs are reasons that makes me suffer, but songs are also the ones that cures me and supports me.
I LOVE A BED- My little room
I like to “roll around by myself” (laugh). I have already liked lying in my bed, so I have everything prepared in the surroundings of my bed. Laptop, hand/cell phone, radio controller, water, and there is also a television in front of my bed. When I am spending time alone, I can watch TV, listen to music, surf the net or watch movies. Sometimes I will dance to the music, but I will also dance on the bed (laugh). I am totally unafraid of loneliness, so I like being alone too. However the puzzling thing is, in Korea, it is not normal to spend time alone. So when I watch movies or eat lunch by myself, there will be people looking at me thinking if something tragic happened to me…. If I took leave alone, I would like to visit Hawaii or Bali, I want to swim and suntan well! Also, I want to visit skiing resorts in Japan! I heard that Japan skiing resorts have hot springs. This is not available in Korea so I am very envious. I really want to ski in the morning and soak in the hot spring at night~. If there are any good places, please recommend it to me!


Chinese trans: 栗子@SMILE HOLIC
English trans: nakedae@tumblr.com

Via BigBangUpdates


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