[PHOTOS] Big Bang Alive Tour Final in Seoul Digi Booklet-Daesung Photos


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[INTERVIEW] Daesung Talks to PyungKang Church




What type of son are you to your mom?
I’m the trouble son. I was not obedient to my parents and I didn’t study hard either.

How did your mom scold you?
Smacked! I was smacked much.

But why didn’t you become wrong-headed (a punk)?
I couldn’t have. If I became a punk, my bones would get twisted (because my parents would smack me more). I couldn’t go to the video arcade and internet cafe like my friends. My parents didn’t let me do music either. I was reproached so much at that time. Like I was not even a son of my home.

You have already succeeded. But are you still a troublemaker?
A. my mom doesn’t see me socially but religiously.

What kind of son do you want to be?
The son who can always give his mom faith, and be proud of any side of myself. My sister has been studying hard and has been good to our parents while I was not. But I think making my mom and dad happy is the way of being good to parents.

What is “This year” to you?
This year I made my first solo album. It’s a Japanese album so I have been working in Japan. I had been very worried, but the concerts are going well. It was only supposed to be 4 concerts but 21 concerts were added. After I go to Japan tomorrow, I will work only for these concerts for 2 months.

Now, BIG BANG is working separately but we have a World Tour and a new BIG BANG album coming that we will do for one year starting at the end of this year.

From being in other countries for 2 years, I’m stressed out. Preparing a solo album and the concerts, like I wanted to quit all the work and escape. But all things are done now and ended in a good way. I thank everything and live well. People say I look tired but I am fine.

Source: Pyung Kang Church via DCDS//BigBangUpdates
Translation: @ShrimpLJY