[INFO] Daesung to Release 1st Japanese Single on 31/07/2013


(Note: This is a cut from the original article)

Big Bang’s Daesung will release his first solo single in Japan next month, his agency said on Friday.

YG Entertainment said through a press release that the artist will collaborate with internationally-famed violinist Taro Hakase and release a newly re-interpreted version of song “I Love You” on July 31.

Daesung was quoted in the statement as saying that he was burdened because Yutaka Ozaki’s “I Love You” is such a loved song but he liked it so much that he chose to do it anyway.

Daesung was very honored to work with Taro Hakase, who has found fame by working with Celine Dion in the tune “To Love You More,” and with the harmony of his violin tune and Daesung’s voice, a new “I Love You” was made, the statement added.

While Yutaka Ozaki’s hit song is well-known both in Korea and Japan, Daesung’s new version of the tune has been chosen as the soundtrack of a drama of the same title, the agency added.

Daesung, whose Japan stage name is D-lite, most recently released his first solo album “D’scover” in Japan on February 27 and is travelling the country with his on-going tour, titled “D-LITE D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan.” His 20-city solo tour ends in Yokohama Arena next Tuesday.

{Source: tenasia.com}

More Info:

>The song will be released as a CD, CD+DVD & Music Card.

CD= ¥1050


Music Card=¥1050

With the CD & CD+DVD, there will also be 3 additional live tracks from D’scover DLive @ Budokan 2013/03/31.

>Available to order now at




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