[NEWS] Daesung’s《D’scover》Gets Nominated For Music Jacket Award 2013


Daesung, who has been promoting in Japan as D-Lite, has been nominated for an album cover design award in Japan.

The Recording Industry Association of Japan announced through its official webpage on June 17 the list of nominees for its Music Jacket Gallery 2013. In the list of 50, comprised of albums which made it through the first round of preliminaries, Daesung′s D′scover album was included.

He is the only Korean artist to have made it into the list.

The Music Jacket Gallery 2013 is in its third running this year, and introduces fans to many attractive CD packages while aiming to foster the development of such artwork.

Nominees were chosen out of albums released between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013, and winners will be decided based on local fan votes to take place in September.

Daesung′s D′scover was released on February 27. The cover brings together images of birds, butterflies and skyscrapers, as Daesung stares out in monochrome styles.

Daesung will next hold an encore for his Japan tour on June 23 for the members of Big Bang′s official Japanese fan club VIP Japan.

Source: enewsworld.com

Note: All fans can vote, but only once. Please go here to find English instructions on how to vote.

Via: Big Bang Updates


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