[Q&A] Daesung’s Twitter Takeover 13 07 31


Fan: Daesung Daesung I’m so excited right now!!!!
Daesung: I’m hot too!
Fan: Daesung heals VIPs (*^^*) What heals you?
Daesung: You… (laughs)
Fan: Daesung, who’s the person you want to meet the most right now?
Daesung: You!!
Fan: To whom do you want to sing “I Love You”?
Daesung: You (whispers)… I hope you can hear this…
Fan: I listened to “I Love You” and I was moved. Thanks!
Daesung: You’re welcome!
Fan: Favorite Japanese food?
Daesung: Chikara Meshi!
Fan: We made a video to show our love from Brazil http://t.co/GnfKcpt7iB
Daesung: Thanks! Brasil VIP. I wanna go to Brasil!! (in English)
Fan: Last time I proposed to you and today again to get married \(^o^)/
Daesung: Please send me your picture lol
Fan: What’s your favorite food made by your mom?
Daesung: Kimchi stew!
Staff: Daesung is passionately singing accapella version of “I Want to Meet You” (逢いたくていま) now
Fan: How is TOP doing?
Daesung: CGK!!! Very healthy! (CGK = Chou genki = he’s doing very well)
Fan: We hope that you had wonderful memories in Peru. I want to hear your wonderful voice again.
Daesung: I wanna go to Peru! I miss you! (in English)
Fan: What’s your next hair style?
Daesung: Right now, my hair flows from left to right, but I want to try the opposite way!
Fan: Oppa, You’re replying in English and Japanese, why not Korean?
Daesung: I’m looking at them now~ One by one
Fan: Daesung oppa, I want to see you too in Korea. It’s good to see you working hard in Japan. Fighting for “I Love You” and I’ll always support you.
Daesung: Thank you^^
Fan: You had a kissing scene (in the MV and) with TOP before too. Which one made you more nervous?
Daesung: TOP’s lips were so soft (laughs)
Fan: What happens when you’re drunk?
Daesung: You wanna try?
Fan: It’s been a while since I saw you. Meeting you here on Twitter makes me feel so good. Oppa, how are you feeling?
Daesung: Good! It feels like I’m back.
Fan: I will marry you!!!
Daesung: Send me your photo first haha
Fan: Oppa! Reply in Korean too please. Oppa, do you have any plans for solo activities in Korean?
Daesung: I’m preparing right now! Please wait a bit more!^^
Fan: Please do more work in Korea!
Daesung: Yes, I’m actually preparing^^
Fan: Say it now, that you love VIPs!! Why can’t you say that we’re yours?
Daesung: How can I say that here… I LOVE YOU!
Fan: If you reply to me, you’ll grow up to 180cm.
Daesung: Then the world would change…
Fan: What kind of praise makes you the happiest?
Daesung: …About my muscles
Fan: Please show us “aegyo” (being cutesy) just one time.
Daesung: Song.Ae.Gyo (word play on name of actress Song Hye Gyo)
Fan: I!!!!! am!!!!!!!! going to!!!!!!!! marry!!!!!!! you!!!! oppa!!!!!!!!!
Daesung: First, send me a picture haha
Fan: What variety shows do you want to do when you promote in Korea?? Infinity Challenge?? Running Man?? Weekly Idol??”
Daesung: The agency decides that…Haha
Fan: I’m so happy to see you on Twitter ><
Daesung: I love it! I’m going crazy hehe
Fan: Oppa, when are you going back to Korea? I miss you
Daesung: When you want me to…
Fan: When will you promote in Korea?
Daesung: When time allows… When you allow it…
Fan: Oppa, what do you do during you free time? Exercise? Play with your phone?
Daesung: Nowadays, it’s Lego!
Fan: Please show us your Lego works
Daesung: You’ll be able to see them soon! Please look forward to it!!
Fan: I just bought the CD and I’m replaying it~ I want to meet you again soon
Daesung: Next time, we’re coming as 5. Wait for us!
Fan: I’m happy that you came to Sapporo in May. I want to meet you again.
Daesung: Next time, I’ll come with the other members!! Please wait for us
Fan: What color of underwear are you wearing right now? Red?
Daesung: Black
Fan: Do you still have your abs?
Daesung: Of course
Fan: Oppa, can you please send me a heart just once?
Daesung: ♡
Fan: Oppa, please send me a heart just once!
Daesung: I’m ha~~~ppy~
Fan: Who do you want to meet first when you go back to Korea?
Daesung: You
Fan: Do you listen to your songs more or other artists’ songs?
Daesung: I don’t really listen to my own songs hehe
Fan: Oppa, why don’t you listen to you songs?
Daesung: Because it’s embarrassing.. I only listen to them when I’m alone
Fan: If you get vacation for a week, where do you want to go?
Daesung: Denmark! To buy Legos!
Fan: Oppa, when you eat Tangsooyook (sweet and sour pork), do you pour the sauce over it or dip it?
Daesung: I eat it when it’s cool
Fan: Oppa, so I can study hard, can you please send me a cheering message just once?
Daesung: Fighting! You can do it!!
Fan: Oppa, do you like jjamppong or jajangmyeon?
Daesung: 탕볶밥 (Combo of fried rice and sweet sour pork.)
Fan: Kang Daesung is better than Won Bin. Kang Daesung is better than Won Bin. Kang Daesung is better than Won Bin.
Daesung: There’s no one else but you.
Fan: Next month, it’s Big Bang’s 7th anniversary. How does it feel?
Daesung: Ah already..! I’m thankful… Thank you!
Fan: When you take a bath, what do you wash first?
Daesung: Hair~ (laughs)
Fan: As expected, you like older girls? Not younger?
Daesung: Absolutely fine with me.
Fan: Oppa, you are the best! Please say Kyubin is the best girl, and you’ll be great!
Daesung: Kyubinee is the best best girl!!
Fan: When you sleep with your lover, do you look at her face or hug her back?
Daesung: The first one
Fan: If you just send me a “.” I will join the Kang Dae Sung religion and praise you hehe Please reply
Daesung: Praise. me. forever.
Fan: Oppa, today is my birthday!! Wanna shoot me a reply just once? ehehehehe
Daesung: Wanna receive my reply?
Fan: Dongsaeng, send noona ❤ just once..
Daesung: <3~
Fan: I’m too lazy to do anything right now and listening to your song because it’s so hot I’m going crazy!! How are you dealing with this heat?!!”
Daesung: Eat some watermelon~
Daesung: Thanks for talking with me for 1 hour! It was fun! Please watch today’s FNS Summer Festival!
source: bigbangupdates.com, @shrimpljy, @bigbanggisvip, @saraseoul, @0401rurutic

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