[NEWS] Daesung brings a dynamic end to ‘A-Nation’s Island Festival’

[enews24 전수미 기자] BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won the hearts of Japanese audience with his powerful voice when he appeared to wrap up Japan’s large summer festival ‘a-nation.’

DAESUNG was at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium in Tokyo on August 4 to be part of ‘a-nation island heat island carnival 2013.’

‘a-nation’ is a summer outdoors live tour held annually from 2002 by Japan’s large record company Avex Group, one of Japan’s largest summer festivals which garnered 500,000 visitors in Japan last year.

As soon as DAESUNG appeared for the finale of the festival, the audience was filled with great excitement. DAESUNG stood on stage to sing 7 songs with the band who accompanied him on 26 performances of [D-LITE D’ scover Tour 2013 in Japan ~ DLive ~] tour concert in Japan’s 20 cities, joined by 100,000 fans. Saji Masanori and Marty Friedman were two of the few band members who performed with DAESUNG at the festival. The songs included ‘Utautaino Baratta,’ ‘Hino ataru sakamichi,’ ‘WINGS’, ‘Joyful’, centering around songs from the ‘D’scover’ album that was released in February and more.

DAESUNG’s first Japanese single ‘I LOVE YOU’ on July 31 made some of the fans cry with his soft and sentimental voice.

DAESUNG said, “last year I was here for a-nation, but as a member of BIGBANG. This year I am here by myself in this great event. I strongly believe that all of you who support me made this possible. I am always deeply grateful for you.”

DAESUNG’s charming voice left the audience awe-struck for full 35 minutes. His performance ended in great success.

DAESUNG’s Japanese first single ‘I LOVE YOU’ that was released recently already ranked 4th on Oricon Single Daily Ranking, proving his popularity in Japan.

DAESUNG, actively promoting his song in Japan will return as a member of BIGBANG on November 16 (Sat) to 17 (Sun), starting from Seibu Dome to carry out 15 concerts in Japan’s 6 largest Dome for their tour concerts in 6 cities joined by 721,000 fans. This will be the largest concert held by foreign musicians.

Source: YG Life

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