[INTERVIEW] Daesung’s Q&A with JFN Online


Daesung’s Q&A from JFN’s website:

1. What did you have for dinner yesterday?
DAESUNG: Soybeans (Edamame)

2. Your childhood dream?

3. Favorite food?
DAESUNG: Chikara Meshi

4. Thing that you’re actually confident about?
DAESUNG: Football

5. Thing that you actually don’t like?
DAESUNG: Umeboshi (Japanese pickled/salted plums)

6. Favorite place in Japan?

7. Favorite Japanese food?
DAESUNG: Washoku (Japanese cuisine)

8. Culture shock experience in Japan?
DAESUNG: Convenience stores

9. Place in Korea where “I definitely/at any cost have to go to”?
DAESUNG: Our house

10. What do you love right now?
DAESUNG: I don’t know.

Korean Trans: Bestiz
English: bigbangupdates.com

Via Big Bang Updates


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