[NEWS] Daesung tops Usen J-Pop Chart with ‘I Love You’


DAESUNG topped J-Pop Chart called USEN with his first Japanese solo single ‘I LOVE YOU’, which was released on July 31.
DAESUNG ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly chart with ‘THE SINGER’S BALLAD’, a title song from his first solo album D’scover, while ranking 5th on Oricon weekly single chart. And now he topped USEN Request Ranking to prove his continuously heightening popularity. 
USEN is Japan’s largest cable broadcasting company that publishes music charts from listeners’ based on its own channel.
‘I LOVE YOU’ was already a big hit in both Japan and South Korea when Yutaka Ozaki released the song. DAESUNG’s version of the song was produced by a member of the famous Japanese band Tokyo Jihen, Seiji Kameda, who was one of the producers of D’scover. The song was collaborated with Japan’s top violinist Taro Hakase as well.
DAESUNG’s reinterpretation of ‘I LOVE YOU’ has been selected as the main theme song for a Japanese TV series ‘I LOVE YOU’, drawing more interest from the Japanese audience. Last month as part of a promotional event, DAESUNG performed a surprise live show at UULA broadcasting celebration. The new song was no doubt a heat-winner amongst Japanese female actors.
On August 4, DAESUNG made an appearance at Tokyo National YoYogi Stadium First Gymnasium for ‘a-national island heat island carnival 2013’ to sing 7 of his hit songs. But the audience was simply awe-struck particularly by his sentimental version of ‘I LOVE YOU’.
DAESUNG released a solo album titled D’scover, and ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly chart. His achievement is a record-breaking one for a solo South Korean artist. He also performed 26 times in 20 cities joined by 100,000 fans for D-LITE D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan, which ended in enormous success.
As ‘I LOVE YOU’ continues to perform well in Japan, ranking the top on USEN J-Pop Request Ranking, DAESUNG is expected to build on his work in Japan with many fans cheering him on.
Source: YG Entertainment

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