[INTERVIEW] Daesung’s Interview with ViVi Magazine



‘I Love You’

First Japanese solo album “D’scover” is so popular after release that it has cemented Bigbang’s D-LITE’s status as a solo singer. His new single ‘I Love You’ is a cover of Yutaka Ozaki’s classic song and D-LITE’s collaboration with Hakase Taro has made this song a piece of outstanding work!
Him who sings such intense love song, you must be interested to know about his love story.

Surprisingly, he has some special habits?! If you would like to discover more, continue reading this interview.

“If I have somebody I like in future, I have to confess properly because I have already grown up (laugh)”

‘I Love You’ is a classic Japanese ballad song. D-LITE has also heard about this song even before he came to Japan.
“Yes. There is a Korean version of this song. When I heard it the first time during high school, I thought that it was “not bad”. This time, I am very honored for being able to cover this song and also use this song as the title track for UULA’s TV series ‘I Love You’. At the start, I first heard about Hakase Taro’s violin performance before proceeding on with the recording. With Hakase Taro’s violin colors combined together with my memories of the first time I heard this song, I was able to sing smoothly based on my feelings.”

D-LITE used his overpowering song skills and warm passion to complete this song. His dramatic PV like those in the movies is also awesome, not forgetting the kiss scene that made viewers hearts skip a beat.
“I was very nervous for my first kiss scene. Before filming, I think I brushed my teeth once every 5 minutes (laugh). However the atmosphere was good and the end product was very satisfying.”

I guess this is a song that is intense and filled with passion. Does D-LITE has such an intense love before?
“Although there is significance to this song, I do not have such prior experience (laugh). Previously, I am the type who will put my whole self into the relationship, but if I were to date now, I do not have the confidence that I am able to balance my work-life relationship. Of course, both parties jobs are important and also, I don’t like to feel restrained.”

You dislike it when you are being restrained. However, girls usually care a lot about what’s going on in the boys life (laugh). D-LITE, what’s your boundary regarding being restrained by your girlfriend?
“This is a difficult question… basically I will listen to whatever my girlfriend says, but too many boundaries and stubbornness will become an obstacle regarding my work and that will not be good. But if I have a girlfriend I will definitely meet up with her during my off days. Compared to my own rest time, my girlfriend is priority!!”

Ideal type. If you have a girlfriend, do you have any requirements about her dressing?
“(After looking at ViVi) For my girlfriend, mini-skirts are not allowed because I will be worried (laugh). I don’t really like it if she reveals her belly button too.. I still prefer one-piece clothing. The end of the one-piece clothing will be flowing with the wind and it gives off a pure image which I feel is not bad. Also… I have an Achilles addiction. To be more specific, I like to look at clean Achilles. But I definitely do not inspect the females Achilles upon looking at them (laugh), if I see it occasionally I will give it a good inspection (laugh)”

That is so surprising! Starting from now girls will have to take good care of their Achilles heel (laugh). Then, how will you continue to contact the girl you like upon meeting them?
“Up till now I have not done any confession yet. Because I do not have courage. Before confession I will need lots of hard work and I cannot let the other party discover what I want to do (laugh). Because, if the confession fails, I might not be able to see her ever… My eyes are small so even if I keep looking at the girl I like I will not get discovered (laugh). I can also pretend I am sleeping and observe people, this is my special skill (laugh). However, if I meet someone I like in future, I would like to do a proper confession, because I am an adult (laugh)”

Lastly, please leave a message for ViVi readers!
“After keeping in touch with ViVi for some time, they do have a large amount of information and many interesting things which I like. After listening to ‘I Love You’, I hope all of you will be able to fall in love wholeheartedly!”

Source: ViVi Magazine , via cheri-big

English trans: nakedae @ SmileHolic


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