[INTERVIEW] Daesung’s Interview with ViVi Magazine



‘I Love You’

First Japanese solo album “D’scover” is so popular after release that it has cemented Bigbang’s D-LITE’s status as a solo singer. His new single ‘I Love You’ is a cover of Yutaka Ozaki’s classic song and D-LITE’s collaboration with Hakase Taro has made this song a piece of outstanding work!
Him who sings such intense love song, you must be interested to know about his love story.

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[Q&A] Daesung’s Twitter Takeover 13 07 31


Fan: Daesung Daesung I’m so excited right now!!!!
Daesung: I’m hot too!
Fan: Daesung heals VIPs (*^^*) What heals you?
Daesung: You… (laughs)
Fan: Daesung, who’s the person you want to meet the most right now?
Daesung: You!!
Fan: To whom do you want to sing “I Love You”?
Daesung: You (whispers)… I hope you can hear this…
Fan: I listened to “I Love You” and I was moved. Thanks!
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[VIDEO] D-Lite for Pia Tickets Interview



Interview Translation:


Q: Compare your relationship with Bigbang to a family relationship?
DAESUNG: T.O.P is forever a baby (Laughs) Since he’s an artist, he always does what he thinks is right. Those things are some cool things about him.

G-DRAGON is our leader. GD is the only person that can lead all 5 of us. When we’re together, we’re like good friends but when we’re working he’s strict. But that’s the most important thing about being a leader. G-DRAGON sings the guide/demo version of BIGBANG’s songs. I always practice trying to really learn the atmosphere of the song and the feeling of the song.

TAEYANG used to be like our dad, but now he’s more like an older brother. We got a lot closer. He always cheers me up and sends me good messages. I talk about music with TAEYANG the most.

SEUNGRI is like our pet (Laughs). Hmm~… A beagle! Training him is hard but he’ll be a very good dog once he’s trained. It takes time to see good results. I haven’t trained Seungri yet…….

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[INTERVIEW] Daesung’s Interview with Billboard Japan



Soft bank mobile’s smart phone application UULA released the news that they will have the original TV series of “I Love You” broadcasted exclusively by them starting from 18th of July. It was also revealed that the main title track will be a collaboration of D-LITE and Hakase Taro (violinist).

“I Love You” is based on the short stories novel by various authors such as Kotaro Isaka, Ira Ishida and Takayoshi Honda. The director of “April Bride”, Ryuichi Hiroki will be directing this series and make it seem like it’s a movie. Erika Toda, Mikako Tabe and Yoko Maki will be starring individually in the 3 short stories.

For the title track, we have invited D-LITE, a member of BIG BANG, the monster group across Asia and also Hakase Taro, a world-wide famous violinist on the song “I Love You”. This is a cover song of Yutaka Ozaki and Seiji Kameda will be the producer for this song. It has already been decided that the solo single by D-LITE for this drama will be released on the 31st of July.
D-LITE (from BIG BANG’s) thoughts:
Billboard Japan(BBJ): Please tell us how you felt after listening to the original song of “I Love You”.
D-LITE: Yutaka Ozaki’s “I Love You” has also been covered in Korea before and in Korea, it is also considered a very famous song. Japanese or non-Japanese know this song and it is also one of the songs I like the most. A song that is highly favoured by everybody is now being covered by my voice. This makes me a little uneasy and stressful, however because it is a song I like a lot, so I have decided to try it out.

BBJ: Please tell us why we should listen to “I Love You” and how you felt when recording together with Hakase Taro.
D-LITE: I feel really honored when I am able to collaborate with Japan’s violin representative Hakase Taro. Hakase Taro’s violin skills allow people to feel the passion within and that is very good. I always sing by experiencing the sound from the instrument and the entire atmosphere the song brings me to. However, after listening to Hakase Taro play his violin, I received strength from his violin color to start my recording. Seiji Kameda’s re-arrangement, Hakase Taro’s violin and my voice. When all 3 of our individualities are combined together, I think it will become a masterpiece. Please look forward to it.

BBJ: Lastly, tell your fans about this song (doing promotions for “I Love You”)
D-LITE: Through my album “D’scover” and by covering Japanese songs, it allows many people to listen to the songs. During live, I received much strength from fans and also beautiful memories with them. I have already felt that it is a very happy thing and I am always grateful and thankful to that. If everybody could listen to “I Love You” and able to receive new memories, I will be very happy.
Hakase Taro thoughts:
BBJ: Please tell us how you felt after listening to the original song of “I Love You”.
HT: This is such a famous song so I am definitely familiar with it as well. However, after listening to it again because I have to perform it, it allows me to feel how powerful the singer is and how great energy the song has just by the simple melody itself.

BBJ: Please tell us why we should listen to “I Love You” and how you felt when recording together with D-LITE.
HT: For this nearly impossible collaboration to happen was made happen thanks to Seiji Kameda’s strings. I am also looking forward to what sparks we will produce. D-LITE san has a very powerful voice, so I am trying to improve on my gentle aspect. It is great to have an entirely new singer and voice to rouse this famous song that has never faded away for the past 10 years. Personally, I am very honored to be able to witness this with my violin. I hope everybody can feel the energy in music through this song.

BBJ: Lastly, tell your fans about this song (doing promotions for “I Love You”)
HT: J-pop cover, collaborating with D-LITE and Seiji Kameda are rare and fresh matters combined together. Most importantly, I am looking forward to UULA’s future progress with this entirely new media.

Source: dsholic.com
Trans: nakedae @dsholic.com

[INTERVIEW] Daesung Talks to PyungKang Church




What type of son are you to your mom?
I’m the trouble son. I was not obedient to my parents and I didn’t study hard either.

How did your mom scold you?
Smacked! I was smacked much.

But why didn’t you become wrong-headed (a punk)?
I couldn’t have. If I became a punk, my bones would get twisted (because my parents would smack me more). I couldn’t go to the video arcade and internet cafe like my friends. My parents didn’t let me do music either. I was reproached so much at that time. Like I was not even a son of my home.

You have already succeeded. But are you still a troublemaker?
A. my mom doesn’t see me socially but religiously.

What kind of son do you want to be?
The son who can always give his mom faith, and be proud of any side of myself. My sister has been studying hard and has been good to our parents while I was not. But I think making my mom and dad happy is the way of being good to parents.

What is “This year” to you?
This year I made my first solo album. It’s a Japanese album so I have been working in Japan. I had been very worried, but the concerts are going well. It was only supposed to be 4 concerts but 21 concerts were added. After I go to Japan tomorrow, I will work only for these concerts for 2 months.

Now, BIG BANG is working separately but we have a World Tour and a new BIG BANG album coming that we will do for one year starting at the end of this year.

From being in other countries for 2 years, I’m stressed out. Preparing a solo album and the concerts, like I wanted to quit all the work and escape. But all things are done now and ended in a good way. I thank everything and live well. People say I look tired but I am fine.

Source: Pyung Kang Church via DCDS//BigBangUpdates
Translation: @ShrimpLJY

[INTERVIEW] ‘Tokyo Boy Cam’-Daesung for ViVi Magazine Japan


Life with music:
Popular group Big Bang that came from Korea, an active member D-LITE.
That rough yet energetic voice allows us to feel peaceful when he sings, and it deeply attracts people who listens to his songs. A him like that has released a solo album that was prepared with all his heart. Thus, Tokyo boy cam will now force his “own” charm…. Continue reading