[NEWS] Big Bang to release as a group before the end of 2013?



Finally! The News we have all been waiting for. As fans know, Big Bang is just about due for a new release as a group, but the question is when will it be coming?
It was rumored earlier that the boys would have returned about now, but we’re still in the midst of waiting for a solo album from Taeyang as well as a solo release from T.O.P that is rumored for mid-November.
Since the boys will be kicking off their Japan tour mid November, it was expected that they’ll have new songs to present to their fans by then. So with questions rising and fans’ patience wearing thin, a rep from the agency revealed that there is indeed a new song coming within this year.
The rep commented, “Ahead of Big Bang’s 6 dome tour in Japan, the members plan to work on a new song… A comeback date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But within this year, it’s expected that they’ll be releasing a new song.”
In addition, according to various insiders, the boys are already said to be in the midst of preparing for the song and will be following up with it after T.O.P’s solo comeback, further raising fans’ hopes that the release isn’t far off.
Source: Newsen via Nate & Starnews via Naver via allkpop.com


[NEWS] Daesung returns to MTV Japan as an MC with VJ Boo


BIGBANG’s DAESUNG returns to Japanese program on MTV channel as an MC.

DAESUNG will be an MC for Japan’s entertainment specializing channel MTV’s variety show program D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay Returns. It will be aired on October 7th (Monday) at 11 p.m. in Japan.

This program is a sequel of DAESUNG’s first MC-ing program in April called ‘D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay’. In the second one DAESUNG stands before the viewers as an MC again, thanks to their great support and interest for the South Korean artists.

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[NEWS] Daesung tops Usen J-Pop Chart with ‘I Love You’


DAESUNG topped J-Pop Chart called USEN with his first Japanese solo single ‘I LOVE YOU’, which was released on July 31.
DAESUNG ranked 2nd on Oricon weekly chart with ‘THE SINGER’S BALLAD’, a title song from his first solo album D’scover, while ranking 5th on Oricon weekly single chart. And now he topped USEN Request Ranking to prove his continuously heightening popularity.  Continue reading

[NEWS] Daesung brings a dynamic end to ‘A-Nation’s Island Festival’

[enews24 전수미 기자] BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won the hearts of Japanese audience with his powerful voice when he appeared to wrap up Japan’s large summer festival ‘a-nation.’

DAESUNG was at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium in Tokyo on August 4 to be part of ‘a-nation island heat island carnival 2013.’ Continue reading

[NEWS] DAESUNG’s Surprise Live of ‘I LOVE YOU’ Wins High Praises


At the first airing ceremony for UULA drama ‘I LOVE YOU’ in Japan on July 18, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won high praises from Japanese female actors for his surprise live performance.

UULA drama titled, “I LOVE YOU” consists of 3 main female actors including Erika Toda, Mikako Tabe and Yoko Maki, which portrays an omniverse love story where the 3 women express their unstable feelings when they are at a turning point of their love lives. Continue reading

[NEWS] Big Bang’s ALIVE Around The World Documentary to Air in UK on June 1st

It only seems like yesterday that Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour came to London.

On June 1st MTV Live HD will air Big Bang ALIVE Around the world, an Hour long Documentary which follows the band around the world on their year long tour.

First aired in Japan, this will be an amazing chance for UK VIPS to relive some amazing memories. Get your Crownsticks & Tissues ready!!

MTV Live HD is on Sky Channel 126 & Virgin Channel 310

Check out MTV’s page for the show HERE



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G-Dragon and Daesung talk about keeping promises

G-Dragon and Daesung talked about making and keeping promises on that latest episode of ‘Incarnation‘.

The two were guests on the show with Kim Kyung Ho and Kahi. During the interview, they talked about the reasons on why breaking up was difficult. Daesung brought up the topic of promises that weren’t kept, saying, “I usually can’t break up with a girl first. The times when I’m the most sorry are from the small things. Like when you watch a movie, say something related to the Tokyo Tower, she’d say things like, ‘Next year, I wish we could go to the Tokyo Tower’. And of course I’d say, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t keep those promises.” He added, “I make a lot of promises, like, ‘I’ll always be next to you, or ‘I’ll be your last man’.” Continue reading