[VIDEO] ‘Utautai no Ballad’ Live at Yokohama Arena

(Taken from D’scover DLive DVD)

Source: bbdeco


[VIDEO] D-Lite for Pia Tickets Interview



Interview Translation:


Q: Compare your relationship with Bigbang to a family relationship?
DAESUNG: T.O.P is forever a baby (Laughs) Since he’s an artist, he always does what he thinks is right. Those things are some cool things about him.

G-DRAGON is our leader. GD is the only person that can lead all 5 of us. When we’re together, we’re like good friends but when we’re working he’s strict. But that’s the most important thing about being a leader. G-DRAGON sings the guide/demo version of BIGBANG’s songs. I always practice trying to really learn the atmosphere of the song and the feeling of the song.

TAEYANG used to be like our dad, but now he’s more like an older brother. We got a lot closer. He always cheers me up and sends me good messages. I talk about music with TAEYANG the most.

SEUNGRI is like our pet (Laughs). Hmm~… A beagle! Training him is hard but he’ll be a very good dog once he’s trained. It takes time to see good results. I haven’t trained Seungri yet…….

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