[PHOTOS] Daesung en route to Japan from Gimpo Airport (130826)

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[NEWS] Daesung brings a dynamic end to ‘A-Nation’s Island Festival’

[enews24 전수미 기자] BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won the hearts of Japanese audience with his powerful voice when he appeared to wrap up Japan’s large summer festival ‘a-nation.’

DAESUNG was at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium in Tokyo on August 4 to be part of ‘a-nation island heat island carnival 2013.’ Continue reading

[NEWS] DAESUNG’s Surprise Live of ‘I LOVE YOU’ Wins High Praises


At the first airing ceremony for UULA drama ‘I LOVE YOU’ in Japan on July 18, BIGBANG’s DAESUNG won high praises from Japanese female actors for his surprise live performance.

UULA drama titled, “I LOVE YOU” consists of 3 main female actors including Erika Toda, Mikako Tabe and Yoko Maki, which portrays an omniverse love story where the 3 women express their unstable feelings when they are at a turning point of their love lives. Continue reading